Hello there beautiful! I'm Shermikia Lemon, Owner.  Launched in 2018, 7th & Brio Boutique offers a unique style of women's handmade fiber accessories clothing and home decor to match your energy + confidence.

The name - 7 is the number of completeness (both physical + spiritual) Brio - Someone who has finesse, special talent, brilliance, strength, self-confidence, worthy of revere and respect or is distinctively unique. Your style should always be complete with confidence and a smize - word to Tyra Banks.

7th & Brio is not just a boutique with beautiful clothing, accessories & home decor. We have also started a Confidence + Style Movement for teen girls to help them with personal + professional image as well as self-esteem.

So when I'm not in someone's board room in a pencil skirt, I'm in my home studio creating for beautiful women.

To our first time buyers as well as tenure customers, we are ever so thrilled to have you onboard.  We are grateful everyday for your continued support and hope your experience is one you'll never forget!

Love & Light,

Shermikia Lemon - @7thandbrio + @shermikiathelight